Painting Road View Digitally

I painted the road view digitally using Autodesk Sketchbook.


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Digital paintings with symmetry

Digital Art Miss Shanza Painting Symmatry

I painted these digitally again using symmetry feature, but this time with Spirality.

digital art paintings with symmetry

digital art paintings with symmetry


digital art paintings with symmetry

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Drawing some of my favourite Pokemon…!!

I drew two of my favourite Pokemon digitally using Autodesk Sketchbook.

Pikachu Pokemon

So, this is my drawing of one of my favourite Pokemon, Pikachu. To me it looks cute! What are your thoughts about it?


And this one is Chikorita. 

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Sketching with symmetry on computer


I drew these on my computer,again using symmetry feature.

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Sketched with symmetry

sketched and painted it on my computer using the symmetry feature.

Sketch on computer

Review of Batman: Bad Blood

Well let’s face it. Batman: Bad Blood might not be in your Top 10 favourite DC films but there is a likely chance it would be in your Top 10 favourite Batman films (not ignoring the fact that mostly DC animated films are either Batman films or JL films).


Batman: Bad Blood throws spotlight on the Bat Family. They (Bat Family, of course) are not related by blood but they will unite to protect their city and…also find Batman.


The movie is third in line after Son of Batman and Batman vs Robin, therefore also focusing on Damian Wayne. If Damian Wayne is not your favourite character or if he tops the list of your most hated DC characters, don’t worry as he is not the focus (merely).


The movie has an ensemble cast. Batman: Bad Blood introduces new characters to the Bat Family as it shows Batwoman fighting alongside Batman and Luke Fox donning his own suit and embracing his Batwing identity. Batman: Bad Blood also highlights what separates Batwoman from Batman……guns!!

Though it focuses on Bat Family, there are some flaws. Firstly, it is jam packed with super villains and secondly, the plot becomes somewhat predictable.

However, it doesn’t lack in showing some good fight scenes.


If you want to watch a movie which focuses on Bat Family and shows some good fight scenes, then Batman: Bad Blood is definitely worth watching!

Have you watched the movie? Did you like it? What was your favourite part? Share in the comments below!

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under The Red Hood explores what is Batman’s greatest failure……… Jason Todd’s death! The vivid animation, amazing storytelling, and brilliant voice acting makes this movie EPIC!! Batman: Under the Red Hood sure tops the list of my favourite batman movies. 

Every character from Batman to Alfred, Nightwing to Jason and Black Mask to Joker is well written. The movie has many villains but they are done justice so the movie doesn’t seem like if its jam packed with villains (one thing Batman: Bad Blood failed to do).

Ras Al Ghul Under the Red HoodJoker John Di Maggio Under the Red HoodRed Hood and Black Mask Under the Red Hood


Mark Hamill is my favourite Joker but this Joker is voiced by John DiMaggio. His joker is creepy, subtle, unstable and enjoys chaos.

Joker John Di Maggio Under the Red Hood

As I mentioned in Favourite Batman Voice Actor, Bruce Greenwood is perfect for voicing a dark batman, it is evident in Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Batman Bruce Greenwood Under the Red Hood

Instead of making it confusing with the background of so many characters a brief description is given to the audience which makes the story compelling.

Jason Todd is not everyone’s favourite robin but even then his death scenes do make you feel a lot.

Under the Red Hood Jason death

The climax triggers the emotion meter of the audience.

The revelation about who is under the hood isn’t that much with suspense but the chase between Batman and Red Hood is fun.

Climax and Final Under the Red Hood

Batman doesn’t appear as Bruce Wayne (especially publicly) so there is no heroine drama thankfully.

Batman Bruce Greenwood Under the Red Hood

Though Nightwing is chatty, talkative and even himself declares that’s the part of his charm. I know he is there for comic relief but he does not feel that much like Nightwing (my opinion).

Nightwing Under The Red Hood

Overall the movie is my favourite.

So what is your favorite Batman Movie? Share in the comments below!