DC announced the title of their new streaming service this month. The name of the long awaited service will be DC Universe though its launching date remains unrevealed yet.

Four shows were announced to be on their streaming service initially the shows will be animated as well as live-action.

Below is all the information you need to have about all the DC Universe shows.

a) Live-action shows

i) Titans


Titans would be a live -action show on DC Universe. Its first season will consist of thirteen episodes.

ii)Swamp Thing


Swamp Thing would be another live-action show. It will be a horror show. It will premiere on 2019.

iii)Doom Patrol


Doom Patrol would be another live-action show. It will be a drama. It will premiere on 2019.

iv) Metropolis

Metropolis will be a drama which is right now in development. It will be a Superman prequel focusing on Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, consisting of thirteen episodes.

b) Animated shows

i)Young Justice Season 3


Young Justice was the first show to be announced on DC Universe it would be season 3 of young justice, named Young Justice: Outsiders, consisting of 26 episodes.

ii)Harley Quin


Harley Quinn would be another animated show besides YJ to be on DC Universe. Harley Quinn animated series will also feature Poison Ivy.



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