Favourite Batman Voice Actor

Batman, my and many others’ favourite fictional superhero, has been voiced by several voice actors. Each of them stand out with their own unique characteristics.

Here are my opinions about some voice actors who voiced the Batman (Bruce Wayne’s Batman):

1.Kevin Conroy


Kevin Conroy voiced Batman in Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League. Justice League Unlimited and some films. He is believed to be the classical voice of Batman. He was the first and till now the only voice actor who used different voices for Batman and Bruce Wayne. He is one of my favourite Batman voice.

2.Bruce Greenwood


In my opinion, Kevin Conroy’s voice is not much missed when Bruce Greenwood is around. Bruce Greenwood voiced Batman in Batman: Under the Red Hood, Young Justice, Young Justice: Invasion and Gotham by Gaslight. I think Bruce Greenwood is perfect for portraying a dark Batman as witnessed in Under the Red Hood. He should be used more, than Jason O’Mara, for voicing Batman. He is my other favourite voice of Batman.

3.Jason O’Mara


Jason O’Mara voiced Batman in Justice League: War, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Son of Batman, Batman vs. Robin, Batman: Bad Blood and other movies. I am not able to understand a word he says except a few lines in the whole movie as his voice is not clear. I think he should speak much clearer.

4. Rino Romano


Rino Romano voiced Batman in The Batman. His voice of Batman seems like as if his chin is compressed or something. Even though his voice is much clearer as compared to Jason O’Mara.

These are my own opinions. You do not necessarily have to agree with it.

So who’s your favourite Batman voice actor and why? Whose voice you don’t like? Comment below!

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