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Review: Super Sons #16

The beloved comic book title, Super sons, comes to its end this May. The cover has The End written on it.

the end.jpg

The story starts and ends with an old man telling stories of adventures of super sons to two children( presumably of super sons).


End of Innocence: Part 2 features battle between Super Sons and Kid Amazo while they also try to save Justice League. The story gives a glimpse of how much Damian and Jon’s friendship has evolved. Though Batman’s contingency plans do annoy a bit (by appearing in storylines so often..).


Damian’s bragging annoy a bit too. (But then, that is his character).




While robin and superboy defeat Kid Amazo and save the Justice League,it leaves the readers to want more. 

What I love so much about Super sons other than the characters, stories and art is the exchange of dialogue between robin and superboy.


Though that old man has left fans divided whether it was Bruce or Clark telling the story. Some say its Bruce because he is a human and got old while Clark doesn’t age(much).While others say the white interior isn’t Bruce’s style and the place more looks like the Fortress of Solitude. Moreover, the wink at the end was more like the Kent move.I think its left to interpretation. 



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