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Batman: Earth One


7f3a5-_syv1rhc-_rr33nvgbmeucdmzlunoohoj-b8xlnyuwuiponufqh6tvb_0xekllulzfonjv_i-wzxs1600Are you tired of reading and hearing Batman trained his body on peak human conditions, spent years in training, learnt all forms of martial arts and also spend time learning science, forensics, medicines and so on? Moreover, you are also tired of reading every time that Batman is the world’s greatest detective.

Don’t worry here comes more realistic version of Batman written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank, Batman:Earth One.

The graphic novel take somewhat more realistic approach with all the characters and supporting characters; heroes (or hero), villains and supporting characters alike. The storyline maintains the reader’s interest from start to end. So here are some points I want to share with you while not spoiling the story.

1.Batman Is Not The World’s Greatest Detective

Batman is not the world’s greatest detective. In fact, he is not even a detective! You will be seeing him stepping on the evidence. He is not careful about spoiling the fingerprints either. In addition, he once asks Commissioner Gordon to teach him forensics and detective work. Well, Bruce Wayne would be that Batman without travelling the world. Even his grappling gun malfunctions and he lands in a pile of trash below.

2. Your New Favorite Harvey Bullock

What attitude comes in your mind when you think of Harvey Bullock? Yeah right, that one! But get ready as this graphic novel take a fresh take on your favourite detective. He is going to be one of the reasons you will be reading this till the end (especially volume one).

3.The Writing Is Clever Than You Think

It is clever than you think especially Volume 2. You might think there are some random events or the writers have forgotten some characters but that is not the story.

4.Awesome Art

The art, sure, is good.

5. It Will Leave You To Want More

It will absolutely leave you to want more. Batman: Earth One is undoubtedly a good read.

Its a book worth reading. If you haven’t read it yet, grab your copy! 

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