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Review: Brush Pen Illustration by Sho Ito

Brush Pen Illustration More Than 200 Ideas for Drawing with Brush Pens is written by Sho Ito.

I have tried the genres: Arts & Photography, Crafts & Hobbies for the first time. I have to admit it has not disappointed me.

Before, I begin my review let’s have a look at the book’s description:

“Curious about the world of brush pens but aren’t sure where to start? Brush Pen Illustration​ shows how to draw pretty much anything in 2 – 4 steps.

Brush pens have taken the illustrating world by storm! This unique medium comes in hundreds of colors and produces a beautiful, soft, watercolor effect which has had lettering artists buzzing. Now, though, illustrators in all walks of art are incorporating brush pens’ into their repertoire as a simple way to include color and motion into their art.

Brush pens’ style is reminiscent of Chinese brush painting and drawing. They offer a gentle, paint-like quality that replicate watercolor paints without having use paint and brushes. Brush Pen Illustration is a comprehensive guide which shows you how to draw pretty much everything in 2-4 easy steps; apples, zebras, penguins, flowers, this book shows you how to draw everything under the sun with fun and colorful brush pens.”

And here comes……………….my review:

Firstly, the book is Brush Pen Illustration so you might have guessed it would be illustrated. I like the illustrations in this book. Secondly, it holds your interest till the end.

The book gives details about brush pens and papers. Basic brush techniques are also given.

Brush Pen Illustration​ shows how to draw pretty much anything in 2 – 4 steps. It teaches to draw fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. One thing I find difficult to draw (that will also look good) is food. Most of you would agree that drawing fruits or flowers is one thing but drawing food is another. Especially, when you want to draw rice but DON’T WORRY, Brush Pen Illustration​ is here to help!

Drawing animals with brush pens is taught in the book. First few pages, where how to draw animals with brush pens is taught, are filled with illustrations of cats and different dogs with so many different poses. I thought they were the models for this book. Just kidding!

And yeah there are others animals too. No need to get sad!

If you are anything like me who enjoys a book but in the end gets sad because you think you cannot implement those things. Reason: you don’t know where to get those things and materials. Brush Pen Illustration More Than 200 Ideas for Drawing with Brush Pens has got it covered in its Resources section in the end of the book.

This book was worth reading.

You can get this book here.

Happy Reading!

Thank you to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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    1. Hi Karla J. Strand!
      Yes you are right about it. Besides, these books are also a great opportunity for me to learn more about the illustrations. I think you should check this book out.

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