Looking For Book Blogs To Visit And Follow Them..!!

I am a bit new to book blogging. I  LOVE books. I recently discovered that book blogs even exist and there is existence of another thing known as Goodreads! #YesIExist

Don’t frown! This is also a book blog. (Well, sort of)! And yes I am on Goodreads (it happened this year).

I love book blogs and I also get inspired by them. 

I am following some but would like to follow more.

If you are book blogger, mention your blog name, genres you review and your blog’s URL in the comments.

P.S. There are some genres I don’t read so if your blog is mainly around that genres, I may or may not follow your blog BUT I will visit.

I want to connect with the awesome book bloggers community.

Lets connect!


10 thoughts on “Looking For Book Blogs To Visit And Follow Them..!!”

  1. Well, I know you’ve visited me before, but I always recommend reading who leaves comments on book blogs and checking out their blogs. I love finding blogs that way. But to answer you, I review all sorts of books -picture books, MG, YA, Adult and all sorts of genres though I love mysteries/thrillers and LGBT+ anything.


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  2. Hi Shanza! I’m Karla, a librarian from Wisconsin. After I burned out of travel blogging, I started adding book reviews to my personal site. I read and review books for my day job as well but that is nonfiction, so on my site I focus mainly on fiction, but not exclusively. My specialties are gender, women’s studies, and LGBTQ studies, so I love reading books by and about women. You can see more at my website! Happy reading!

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  3. I’ve been a member of Goodreads for a while, but I’ve only recently started using it as a resource (like I should) in order to find books to read. I started focusing on book blogging a few months ago. I mostly read YA, but I’ll read nonfiction political and historical stuff as well… or whatever else sounds interesting.

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