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Review: Teen Titans #23

About the Book:

Title: Teen Titans

Writer: Adam Glass

Publisher: DC Comics 

Genre: Action, Adventure and Superhero 



I find myself enjoying Adam Glass’s run of Teen Titans. I think it is definitely better than Percy’s run. 

Damian has his own team now.

This issue follows the ‘assassination’ of Jim Gordon and the teen titans’ attempt to catch Lady Vic.

If you have read last issue, then you know that Roundhouse is alive! And our mouths were as wide-opened as Kid Flash’s.

Djinn is posing as Gordon and she is ‘assassinated’. Kid Flash and Roundhouse rescue Gordon to take him to hospital only to be surprised by Djinn.

I am writing my feelings and random thoughts about the issue in points below:

  • I am liking the current run by Adam Glass. I only hope that they don’t ruin it.
  • Right now, Djinn is one of my favourite teen titans.
  • I don’t know why but Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) is being annoying. (Though not on Harley Quinn’s annoying level. PS: I find Harley Quinn the most annoying character. Yeah I know. This is not at all teen titans related.)
  • I am among the (few?) people who like the Robin and Djinn tease. I find myself smiling for that. Seriously, just read the issue!!
  • Crush is not at all a team player. We get it!
  • Robin’s heart and minds are at different places. Aww!! ❤️❤️
  • What’s wrong with Red Arrow?
  • Roundhouse telling everyone that they all need some serious therapy. Me: Well, there is a sanctuary for.. Um, wait!*. This scene was hilarious! 😂 (*Read Heroes in Crisis)
  • The issue ends on a cliffhanger.


I liked the issue.

Did you enjoy it? Share it in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Review: Teen Titans #23”

    1. This is fun series. I recommend this if he is a slightly older teen. But if you want a comic book for your son which you and he both can enjoy, I recommend Super Sons and Adventures of Super Sons both written by Peter J Tomasi and it is appropriate for every age group.


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