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Liebster award

I saw the tag at Eva’s blog and she has it open for anyone to answer so I am going to! 11 Random Facts about me would be too much I think so I am going with three.

  1. Matt Hatter Chronicles is one of my favourite animated series. If you haven’t watched it, then it is totally recommended by me.
  2. My favourite cartoon/anime growing up was Pokemon.
  3. My favourite Batman movie is Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Eva’s questions:

1. Who are your top three favorite superheroes?

Batman Bruce Greenwood Under the Red Hood

Batman. He is one of my favourite superheroes.

Nightwing. He is awesome.

Robin. Damian’s Robin. But I prefer the comic book version not the movie one. In the comics, he is one character who has gone through so much character development.

2. Who are your top three favorite super heroines?

Hmm… This seems a little hard as I don’t really like super heroines much.

Dinah a.k.a Black Canary from Young Justice.

Stephanie Brown a.k.a Bat girl in Batgirl (2009) run.

Artemis from Red Hood and the Outlaws (Rebirth Run).

3. Cake or pie?

Cake. I have never had a pie so definitely cake.

4. Round cookies or cookie bars?

What are cookie bars? Going with round cookies

5. When was the last time you laughed really hard?

The day before yesterday.

6. How many books have you read this year?

37 or more.

7. Animated or live action?

Animated. I do watch live action sometimes but animated wins in my opinion.

8. Drawn animation or CGI?

Both! I have no problems. Some of it has to do with what the story demands. Although I love anime because of their drawn animation but I also love Young Justice which I think has CGI.

9. Have you read Do Hard Things?


10. What’s your favorite fabric?

I like what is comfortable to wear. So cotton wins the vote of my favourite fabric.

11. Plaids or stripes?

Can I go with checks? I like checked shirts (the one with the checked boxes). But if I have to go with the only given options then I would go with plates. I rarely like stripes.

My questions:

  1. Animated Series or Anime?
  2. Traditional art or digital art?
  3. Graphic novels or manga? Or both?
  4. How many books have you reread this year?
  5. Who is your favourite antagonist?
  6. Who is your favourite anti-hero?
  7. Robin or Superboy? (any version)
  8. What is your favourite book from a genre you don’t usually read?
  9. Chips or fries?
  10. Plain biscuit or cream biscuit?
  11. Have you read Super Sons?

You are welcome to answer the questions above. I would totally love to see your answers.

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