About Me

Hi there! My name is Shanza. Or you may call me Miss Shanza. You are here to know more about me, right? Then let me tell you about me.

I am a person of various interests. My interests include reading, writing, drawing, sketching, painting and inking.

I am a graphic designer. I love creating digital art.

Reading is my passion. I love to read books and that too of different genres. I like suspense, thrill, crime, detective, action, fun and fictional stories. Not just books I am also a huge fan of comic books, graphic novels and manga.

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I am fond of computers and internet. Surfing the web is my hobby. I am a curious person and love to discover. That is why I am mostly up to finding new (for me or just new) and awesome websites. In addition, I like to share that experience with others.

I also like to draw, colour and paint. You won’t find me lacking in appreciating awesome art of other artists either.

Also, I am not only a bookworm. I also enjoy watching cartoons (tons of them), anime (some of them), movies (rarely), live-action movies (watched a couple of them, though), animated movies (very much) and animated movies based on comic books (a lot).

As I said I am a person of various interests so I like to watch cartoons of different genres and approaches.  My favourite cartoon is Pokémon. I also like Batman, Batman Beyond, Young Justice and Winx Club.

If you are a Bookworm, Cartoon fan, Computer lover or have an artistic mind, this blog is just for you!    

Why Miss Shanza?

You might be thinking why I named me blog Miss Shanza? As previously mentioned I have different interests so I wanted a blog where I could showcase my artwork, share my reviews, upload my articles and interact with you. Yes, you!

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