Review Policy

I am accepting:

  • books
  • comic books
  • graphic novels
  • manga

of genres mentioned below for review. You can send me request via contact form.

Book Format

I accept:

  • print ARCS
  • finished copies
  • paperback
  • hardcover
  • e-books.

If the book isn’t the first in the series, and I have not read the others, I may need access to the earlier series.

I have Adobe Digital Editions so if you are sending me e-books, send them in EPUB format.

If you want to send me physical copy, you can e-mail me at for my shipping address. You have to pay for shipping.

I am NOT accepting any audio books at this time.


I accept books in all the following genre:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Children’s books
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Children’s Nonfiction
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Computers & Internet
  • Crafts & Hobbies
  • Entertainment
  • Historical Fiction
  • History
  • Humor
  • Multicultural Interest
  • Mystery & Thrillers
  • Professional & Technical
  • Epic
  • Sword
  • Action & Adventure
  • Manga
  • Superheros
  • Teen and YA
  • MG

I do not accept or am not currently accepting books in the following genres:

  • Romance
  • Women Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Travel
  • True Crime
  • Sci-Fi (exception of comic books and graphic novels)
  • Politics
  • Horror
  • Christian

If your book doesn’t fall in any genres mentioned above, email me to ask.

Accepting Books

My acceptance of a book does not guarantee my review of the book, but I will do my very best to make a consideration for each book I receive.

I will do my best to ensure that each book that comes to me gets a review in a timely fashion, with particular regard to release dates. I cannot make or keep any guarantees on the timetables. To increase the efficiency of the review process, please send me the book at least two months before the release date.

Reviews Sharing Platforms

I review books on my blog and on my goodreads account

I also share my reviews on my

Note: I DO NOT write reviews on Amazon.

Quick Notes:

Many of my reviews will also be posted to my goodreads account, potentially with some editing (minus images, etc). My reviews are from the views of a book reader and reviewing blogger. 

I do my very best to write honest reviews, therefore I cannot and will not promise that all of my reviews are positive, but any negative comments will be focused solely on the book, and not the author or publisher. My reviews reflect my opinions, and nothing more.

On the off chance that I did not finish a book, I will do my upmost to include a reason for why I was unable to finish.

Sometimes it happens that although the book was great but it was not for me, I will mention it.

Review Structure

Every book is different. So is every review. Take a look around my book reviews, comic book reviews, graphic novel reviews and manga reviews categories to get the clear idea of my review style. 

Strict Guidelines

No matter how good your story was but if its full of slang I will not review it.

Some of the books I review are from either the library, loaned to me by friends or family, or books I bought myself. It should be assumed everything I review was obtained in this fashion unless expressly stated otherwise within the review.





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