Liebster award

I saw the tag at Eva's blog and she has it open for anyone to answer so I am going to! 11 Random Facts about me would be too much I think so I am going with three. Matt Hatter Chronicles is one of my favourite animated series. If you haven't watched it, then it... Continue Reading →

Review: Justice League: No Justice

Justice League: No Justice is full of suspense and action. To stop the unleashed ancient entities, superheroes and super villains have to make an alliance and they are distributed in four teams. Mystery, Entropy, Wonder and Wisdom.

Review of Batman: Bad Blood

Well let’s face it. Batman: Bad Blood might not be in your Top 10 favourite DC films but there is a likely chance it would be in your Top 10 favourite Batman films (not ignoring the fact that mostly DC animated films are either Batman films or JL films). Batman: Bad Blood throws spotlight on... Continue Reading →

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under The Red Hood explores what is Batman's greatest failure......... Jason Todd's death! The vivid animation, amazing storytelling, and brilliant voice acting makes this movie EPIC!! Batman: Under the Red Hood sure tops the list of my favourite batman movies.

Review: Super Sons #16

The beloved comic book title, Super sons, comes to its end this May. The cover has The End written on it.

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