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Liebster award

I saw the tag at Eva's blog and she has it open for anyone to answer so I am going to! 11 Random Facts about me would be too much I think so I am going with three. Matt Hatter Chronicles is one of my favourite animated series. If you haven't watched it, then it… Continue reading Liebster award


Favourite Batman Voice Actor

Batman, my and many others’ favourite fictional superhero, has been voiced by several voice actors. Each of them stand out with their own unique characteristics.

Here are my opinions about some voice actors who voiced the Batman (Bruce Wayne’s Batman):



DC announced the title of their new streaming service this month. The name of the long awaited service will be DC Universe though its launching date remains unrevealed yet. Four shows were announced to be on their streaming service initially the shows will be animated as well as live-action. Below is all the information you… Continue reading DC UNIVERSE ONLINE